Petfuns cat tree Gloria - free standing, 2m high and still stable


The climbing tree Gloria - a very high free standing scratching tree designed by Petfun

Glora is nearly 2m high! The only post which is higher and free standing is the Danuta. Just have a look if that fits in your appartement;-)

Your curring darling won`t find a tree where it have a better view al over th flat. Even though the tree is very high it´s not that wide. The birchwooden basis is 60 x 60cm and you only need about 80 x 80cm space for your Gloria. Nevertheless the climbing tree is astonishly stable. The reason is the stable base with three massiv wooden poles which are also combined through the role and beds.

The cat tree is available with 12cm and 14cm poles and the beds, hammock and pillow could be choosen in cotton (natural white) or micro (dark grey, grey, brown, dark blue, sable and white). They are washable up to 60° and could also go in the dryer. Please don`t tumble it. And the wood is also possible waxed or oiled (transparent, nut or chestnut) Scratching tree Gloria in it's basic version: Birche wood bottom plate 60 x 60 cm / extra strong with 40 mm. Birche wood elements. Sisal poles: lengths 110 cm, 3 x 70 cm. Total height: approx. 200 cm Two removable and washable beds One hammock / sisal roll for playing and sleeping. The picture shows the version - with 14 cm poles / big hammock / 52 cm beds.

b>Individual Scratching customizations are also possible
Please send us an email to, use the contact form or call: +494821/2939
We are happy to help.

About Pet Fun We are a family business with traditions for over 30 years. A cattree must be very stable, last a long time, and fit perfectly into any living environment.

Pet Fun works with the WKS - Bridge Schleswig Holstein - a workplace for disabled people. The growing number of orders has also created new jobs, and after moving to our new facility 4 years ago, the Pet-Fun team now has plenty of room to manufacture all parts with care.

To show our appreciation, we have given the names of our employees to many trees: e.g. Gesa, Isabell, Tanja.

Meanwhile we deliver our scratching posts, Barrels and Accessories worldwide. We look forward to hear from you. Our passion has become our profession.
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