FAQ – frequently asked questions

Here you will find the frequently asked questions concerning our products and our online-shop.

Question: Will the sisal on the poles be replaced? 

Answer: Yes ... in case a sisal pole should be ripped we will re-wrap it free of charge (except for the freight charges). Therefore only remove the old sisal from the pole and send the „naked“ pole to:

Pet Fun
de Vosstr. 27
25524 Itzehoe

Phone: +49-4821-2939

Question: The ceiling tensioner, is it variable? 

Answer: Yes... when placing your order you indicate the height of your ceiling – here you still have a few centimeters „play“ – furthermore the threaded bolt can be turned out by approx. another 15 cm. 

Question: What is the difference between waxed / oiled surface?

The waxed surface is treated with colourless wood wax (Kneho natural hard wax) for the surface sealing and is layed on in just one work process. The wax based on natural raw materials gives an elegant and handy surface, which improves the mechanical and chemical durability of the wood. The KNEHO hard waxes are well suited for furnishings in child’s rooms, living rooms and bedrooms as well as doors, panels and floors.

The oiled surface is treated with Leinos Natur – hard oil. It underlines the natural structure, deepens the colour of the treated surfaces and results in an open porous, silk-matt, durable and water-resistant surface which is more or less non-yellowing.

Colours: Natural / chestnut / wallnut / white. The oil is applied in three layers. 

Question: Is it possible to fix every scratching tree to the wall? 

Answer: All our ceiling mounted scratching trees can be ordered freely as wall mounted trees. Furthermore it is possible to fix all freestanding trees to the wall. 


Question: Can I wash the beds / cushions and hammocks? 

Answer: Beds, cushions and hammocks can be washed at up to 60°. The also applies for the microfibre fabrics. The beds should not necessarily be spinned because in rare cases the inner lining may slip; however the tumble dryer is no problem. 

Question: My delivery does not include the 110 cm sisal pole!? 

Answer: A lot of our scratching tree models contain the 110 cm sisal pole. It does not fit into the large package so that mostly it arrives separately. Although we ship our goods completely it often happens that this sisal pole reaches our customers one day later.