Informations about the manufacturing of the german Pet Fun Cat trees

Scratching trees – quality workmenship „Made in Germany“

We know what cats want! They want to play and climb, explore caves and hide. They love cosy places to dream and sleep as well as a panoramic view around. Cats love distraction. To make your home an adventure playground we continued to develop further our scratching trees, sisal barrels and various toys for cats since 1989.

What makes our products different?

  1. a stylish look
  2. the high quality processing
  3. a reasonable price

The manufacturing of our scratching trees here in our premises is focused on very best materials and an excellent processing. Our scratching trees and sisal barrels are a lot of fun for demanding cats and meet the high requirement of their owners – all our products are robust and hardwearing and therefore very long-lasting.

We take responsibility...

...for the human

Since many years we collaborate very closely with “Brücke Schleswig-Holstein”: persons with mental illnesses are sewing beds, tailoring the wood and treating the poles for the scratching trees in a workshop for handicapped people in Itzehoe.

In this protected environment and accompagnied by professional and sociopedagogic help they can still participate in the working life. Work accompanying offers such as sports, conversation groups or music enrich the personal and social life of the handicapped people.

...and cat

1. Solid wood instead of cardboard

The sisal poles for our scratching trees are exclusively made of solid wood. You can chose between a diametre of 12 cm or 14 cm for the poles. The 14 cm poles make our scratching trees even more stable and give an imposing visual appearance, however the poles of 12 cm diametre are already stable enough. The dimensions may slightly differ due to the process of drying the wood.

The sisal rope for our poles is mechanically wrapped around very tightly and extra glued for a long durability. In case of a worn sisal pole we offer our customers to renew the sisal free of charges (except for shipping freights). Please remove the old sisal rope and return the nacked pole to us!

Various other elements of the scratching trees , such as the bottom plates - are also made of solid wood. You can chose between beech and birch wood with a transparent varnish or oiled in different colours. Sharp edges are always removed carefully.

sisal poles made of solid wood
the solid poles for our scratching trees made of solid wood and wrapped with sisal rope
cut-out of mixed cotton fabric
Die massiven, mit Sisal umwickelten Vollholzstämme für unsere Kratzbäume

2. Rigid screw connections instead of fragile glue connections

The sisal poles of our scratching trees are screwed together. The same applies for elements such as barrels, caves and other acccessoires which are connected to a sisal pole. That’s why our scratching trees are very stable. Cats are not able to distroy it easily.

3. Washable beds

All sleeping places for our scratching trees, such as beds and hammocks are made of mixed cotton fabric without loops. A thick and softly upholstered border makes the beds – available in different sizes – particularly cosy. They are fixed with extra strong Velcro tape and can therefore simply be removed for washing. The hammocks can be ordered unlined or lined and stitched.

4. High quality „Vorwerk“ carpet

The bottom plate of your scratching tree can be made of solid birch or beech wood or be covered with carpet. We only use high quality, long-lasting “Vorwerk” carpet available in beige, terracotte, light blue, dark blue, grey or red.

We meet special requirements (if possible)!

We make (almost) everything possible! Thanks to a wide range of options and variations you can create your personal scratching tree and also add requested optional elements. You have a different idea of your scratching tree? Ask us for special constructions and individual possibilities!

View into our workshop of scratching trees

our sisal barrels are covered with one
single piece of extremely resistant sisal mat
the poles for our scratching trees are wrapped with thick sisal rope and extra glued
beds (and hammocks) are sewed in loving handcraft