Product Information

Solid Wooden Poles

Our sisal poles are produced by solid wood. The sisal is winded with a machine and it`s also glued. The scrathing trees are available with different poles. The diameter could be 12cm or 14cm. They are heavier and more stable with 14cm poles and it looks like "more".


Beech Wood

The barrels and caves are screwed with the poles. This means are better stability. Different elements are also produced with solid wood. It`s possible to choose between birk and beech wood.


Cave Entrances

The entrances of sisal and carpet are tubed to protect them.


Solid Sisal Rope

The sisal rope is tight winded around the poles. Thats why they´re very stable. All poles are solid wodd trunks. We don`t use paperboard.If the cats played too much with the pole and it doesn`t look very nice anymore we give the possibility to send the pole to our house and we wind it new for 5,-€/pole charge(except the shipping cost). Please ripp the old sisal off before you send it to us. Our sisal barrels are just with one sisal piece.


Solid Base Plates

You have the choice between solid birk or beech plates, sisal plates or coloured carpet plates


High Stability

Our scratching trees are very stable and also appropriate for heavy cats.



Most of the cats love the hammocks. You have the choice between standard or lined and sewed.


Vorwerk Carpets

We only produce with Vorwerk carpet in creme, dark blue, grey, anthracite or red.