Kratzbaum Jule Maru

Jule Maru is a playground for your cats!! On one side the tree goes up to the ceiling on the other side is a wonderful cave to sleep in and a hammock on 160cm to cruddle in. The rope invites the cat to play and the small stairs would help while climbing up. A perfect tree for your kiddy. bottom plate: 70x40cm poles: 90, 5x 30, 60, 40 and the needed ceiling pole the foto shows 14cm poles and sandy microfibre Max Breite: 170cm Max Tiefe: 70cm
Individual Scratching customizations are also possible Please send us an email to, use the contact form or call: +494821/2939 We are happy to help. About Pet Fun We are a family business with traditions for over 30 years. A cattree must be very stable, last a long time, and fit perfectly into any living environment. Pet Fun works with the WKS - Bridge Schleswig Holstein - a workplace for disabled people. The growing number of orders has also created new jobs, and after moving to our new facility 4 years ago, the Pet-Fun team now has plenty of room to manufacture all parts with care. To show our appreciation, we have given the names of our employees to many trees: e.g. Gesa, Isabell, Tanja. Meanwhile we deliver our scratching posts, Barrels and Accessories worldwide. We look forward to hear from you. Our passion has become our profession.
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